White noise

The other day, I ran across a poem I wrote seven years ago, before it meant to me as much as it does now. Back then, I lived in a two-bedroom apartment that I could clean in an hour. Back then I didn't have two additional people who could make a mess, but not clean... Continue Reading →


I have this persistent fear of discovering I have an incurable disease and I will die within a year. So I have mentally prepared for this over the years by making checklists of what I will do once that inevitable news comes (yes, I'm a bit dramatic).Before, it was adventures I would have, places I... Continue Reading →

when the kids are asleep

Many people suggested ways I could carve out more time for my writing, but none of their suggestions involved the care and consideration of the small children who live in my house. I find lots of discussion online about "waiting for the muse" but not enough about having to write in between T-ball games. I... Continue Reading →

eyes and hands

Here are some of my favorite photos of the boys this week:  Those big brown eyes, I tell you what.  Holden's face is so funny to me.  Show and tell. Always in this house.  Something is funny.  I love his chubby hands reflection in his sunglasses.

Bye bye, ba-ba

Yes, my son was a three-year-old with a pacifier addiction. So what? There are worse things, right? But it was embarrassing. Steve and I found ourselves apologizing for it to complete strangers who would ask if B & H were twins. "No, this one is three, but you wouldn't know it since he still uses... Continue Reading →

the impossibility of safety

My boys are what you would expect from boys: rowdy and rough. And I love that they like to wrestle each other, to play ball, to climb into their fort. They are quintessential little men in that way. But unfortunately, this lifestyle of theirs leads to bumps and bruises and scrapes. And with each bump... Continue Reading →

so much left to do

 Here were some of the things we did in Hawaii:Glass-bottom boat for the kids (surprisingly, a bust)Snorkeling (not me, but everyone else)Mopeds (a highlight! The best)ZipliningA magic/comedy showThe main luau on the islandA lot of time at the pool, and some at the beachTourist shops Good eating at local restaurants   Here are some of the things... Continue Reading →

Island kids

You can expect this week will be all about Hawaii. I have hundreds of pictures, and plenty of adventures to recount. It was honestly the best week of my life. I haven't been on a real vacation except for my honeymoon, and I spent the week of my honeymoon lying in bed with a pretty... Continue Reading →

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