a decade later

I am totally obsessed with Maya Angelou right now, and perhaps it is not coincidence that I started reading Letter to My Daughter on today of all days, Gracie's tenth birthday.I learned to love my son without wanting to possess him, Maya writes about the child she raised (she has no biological daughter). It made... Continue Reading →

throwback phone

A month ago, I decided I would save us $20/month by getting rid of my phone's data plan. I am either at home or on a field trip with the boys at nearly all times, so is there really any need for me to have a data plan? No, of course not. It is a... Continue Reading →

new car smell

I got a new car last week. My bedpost notches with cars are few: my beloved Saturn, then I drove the Mazda we traded it in for, and recently Steve's Hyundai Accent. But I have always wanted a black SUV. I knew once I was a mom to multiple kids, I would be an SUV... Continue Reading →

what makes me happy

It has taken me a year and a half, but I have finally finished my Favorite Things wall. OK, maybe not finished, but mostly filled up (I will squeeze more things in there if I can). Don't play semantics with me, I know these aren't all things, but some are activities, one is a weather... Continue Reading →

three days later

I know I just blogged about Gracie. But bear with me. I had more emotions to sort through and air out and writing is the best way I know how.  Although I get letters and pictures, and although she sent me a package and talked to me on the phone, nothing compares with seeing her... Continue Reading →

full morning

Gracie and her family are road tripping and happen to be in Nebraska, so we met up this morning.  Before we left the house, Brandon said, "let's go to the park to see my half-sister." And we did.Brandon loved Gracie. He followed her around, talking endlessly. He talked about Wild Kratts (he likes Chris, she... Continue Reading →

Liberation Burger

Before Steve and I were someone's parents, we went out to eat a lot. We really love dining out - the service, the foods that we don't have the gumption to make ourselves, drinks, and leaving and doing whatever we wanted next - rather than the dishes. Although our hobbies are entirely different, we came... Continue Reading →


It's a heatwave here. We tried staying cool outside with popsicles and the kiddie pool, but sometimes, only air conditioning will do the trick.   Holden's fine hair means scalp sunburns or hats. A hat is it.  Brandon likes to hang out on our outdoor sofa, saying, "I'm just hanging out, mama."  This is an attack of sweetness.... Continue Reading →

Painted toes

At the park today, Brandon took off his socks and shoes when he saw the other kids were running around barefoot. As usual, he immediately pointed out his painted toenails, saying, "look at my pretty toes! They're red!" Until today, he never received any push back on that. He is a three-year-old boy, and he... Continue Reading →

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