stubborn youth

Today I strapped the boys into the jogging stroller and set out on a quest to make them nap. I ran by a high school where the girls track team was running laps. I ran on the sidewalk parallel to their track, thinking to myself, "we're not all that different." Sure, they all had long... Continue Reading →

adventures in mothering

On Tuesday nights, Steve has class so I try to get the kids to bed a bit earlier than usual so I can have time to clean up and still watch my shows that have been collecting on my DVR all week. But sometimes, you can't follow a schedule.I saw a hot air balloon out... Continue Reading →

mothering the hard way

For my mom -- who always reads the dedications.She is thorough in everything she does,including especially parenting. Although I don't think parenting is for everyone, perhaps everyone should be a parent so they can fully appreciate their own parents. I had no clue all the work and sacrifices that go into parenting until raising children of my... Continue Reading →

sisters and brothers

On Sunday, two preteen girls came into the coffee shop and each ordered a drink, plus a muffin to share. The older girl slid a twenty across the counter to me and I counted her change. I brought their drinks out to them: they were seated in comfy chairs. They sat and sipped their drinks,... Continue Reading →

healthy balance

I have been absent from my writing for too long, letting this blog collect dust and keeping words in my head, all the while meaning to put them instead in a secure home: on paper. I am still getting my bearings, learning what I can manage while working early mornings and going to bed when... Continue Reading →

kids books we’re into lately

I haven't talked up the kids books that we love in awhile. Here are some of the newest obsessions around here.  This is the first book Brandon "read." And of course by that I mean he remembers what I've read to him, memorizes it, and then repeats it back to me, word for word, correctly turning... Continue Reading →


I've been away from this blog for awhile, but for a good reason. I have a job again. No, it's not the kind of job you're thinking. I'm not back in the HR world - firing people, stressing out and being yelled at (because HR is always being yelled at). I haven't put the boys... Continue Reading →

I’m gonna miss this

Tonight as I put Brandon to bed, I couldn't stop looking at his head - how big it got. Then I noticed how long his legs have become, and how well he enunciates his words now. He was once this little baby I cradled and rocked to sleep each night, not all that long ago.... Continue Reading →

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