feeling the story again

When I think to when I've felt the most myself, I remember the year after college, the year before I was married. I had my own apartment and worked breezy, carefree jobs. I had a TV but no channels. I spent my free time hanging out with friends or writing. Back then, I had dreams... Continue Reading →

Gathering and journaling

Now about gathering, here is what I mean. My son Adam, his wife Betsy, and their little children Alison and David live in Minneapolis. When I travel there, I know I'll visit with family. Have good meals. See friends. Indulge in amusing conversations. Lots of fun music. (Adam is in two bands.) What it doesn't mean is... Continue Reading →

first yoga class

Although I have been practicing yoga in the comfort and privacy of my own home for the past year and a half, the time has come to join a yoga class. There is a yoga studio right across the street from the coffee shop I work at and they have a hell of a Groupon... Continue Reading →

"you’re fine"

On Friday was my doctor's appointment for exhaustion. I felt a bit silly even making the appointment, sounding like one of those celebrities who checks into rehab for "exhaustion" when you know it's not really that. When I got there, the nurse checked my vitals and then said gently, "so we're treating you for exhaustion?"... Continue Reading →


Parents get a lot of crap, when kids turn into adults with problems. Every time I see a movie or read a memoir and the adult ends up in therapy, they are finding a source for their issues, and that source is almost always their parents. Although sometimes that might be the case, I feel... Continue Reading →

run down

My last blog post was weeks ago and at that time I felt exhausted, run down. Today, I still feel exhausted and run down. At first, I thought it was just my body adjusting to my early morning hours working at the coffee shop. But that is only a couple days a week and even... Continue Reading →

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