A month ago, I posted about how I was so god damn tired all the time. All. the. time. I went to the doctor and nothing changed afterwards - I did not start taking any pills or vitamins or have some life-altering diagnosis. But what did change was me. I decided to quit sitting around... Continue Reading →

losing home

The unthinkable has happened. My parents are selling their house. Our house. Our family home. When I heard the news, I should have been instantly happy for my parents to be moving on and up. I should have been glad for them and this next chapter that they've been talking about for years and years. And... Continue Reading →

definitions at 32

Well, Jewel's book didn't turn out quite as fantastic as I projected. She transformed from an independent warrior woman to a co-dependent brainwashed one. Her book ends up being a bit preachy - bestowing on her readers everything she learned as advice we should heed. And although I definitely didn't agree with all of it... Continue Reading →

halloween, lighthouse, hay rolls

Holden's second Halloween, the first one he's been excited about. He can say, "ween" and a variation of "trick or treat." He also asks to watch "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" by pointing at the TV and saying, "good grief!" Brandon does not like taking pictures. For some reason my attempts to convince him it... Continue Reading →

finding calm amongst chaos

Turn the quiet up, turn the noise down. ~Sung by Eric ChurchI have always loved solitude and find comfort in quiet. Yesterday, a fellow barista told me she was an introvert and I laughed and corrected her. She is very outgoing and talkative, and I associate an introvert instead with a shy person who thinks... Continue Reading →

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