relax: I don’t do it

Somehow, I have forgotten what it is to relax. I remember days when I used to spend hours piecing together a puzzle while singing at the top of my lungs. I remember long bubble baths and reading more than a page in one sitting. I remember it, but I just don't do it anymore. My... Continue Reading →

relics of my childhood and adolescence

Gel pens, Lisa Frank peechees, floral skirts, turtlenecks. Miniature backpacks, Jansports, keychains, malls. Mr. Freeze ice pops, Avon, scrunchies. Scrunch socks, crimping irons, pink foam hair rollers. Roller skating rinks, roller blades, knee pads, Huffy bikes. Neon rope friendship bracelets, seed beads, collecting stuff. Porcelain dog figurines, oversized t-shirts, slap bracelets.Loading perforated paper into the... Continue Reading →

flopping fish

My days of rocking children to sleep are almost over, but I haven't quite been able to kick it yet. Although Holden has never needed to be rocked to sleep, he has recently taken to it, and I will not deny him. Because he is my last baby and he is only holding onto babyhood... Continue Reading →

a tangent

Today I was eating lunch, listening to Pandora when this song came on:Hang on, just hang on for a minuteI've got something to sayI'm not asking you to move on or forget itBut these are better daysTo be wrong all along and admit is not amazing graceBut to be loved like a song you rememberEven... Continue Reading →

this damn elephant

I'm pushing an elephant up the stairs~"The Great Beyond" by R.E.M.Steve was playing this song in the car the other day and I just sat there, listening to the lyrics, swallowing a lump in my throat. Because that is how I feel - I am pushing an elephant. I am the pusher and the elephant... Continue Reading →

less is more

The cleanse has ended! OK, it was supposed to go through today, but Steve and I had a babysitter for last night and every parent knows you never, and I mean NEVER say "no" to a free babysitter. Never.Last week Steve and I discussed where we would eat, then he made reservations and we salivated... Continue Reading →

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