knee slapper

When my siblings and I were kids, we would go to the zoo on Easter. It was a tradition we shared with family friends: on the 4th of July we would go splash in their pool, on Easter we would head to the zoo. I remember one Easter in particular (I must have been around... Continue Reading →


It's hard to believe it's here: two years have passed since this little one was born. He has been a catalyst for so much in our lives. I started writing again after he was born. Steve returned to school. I stopped working, but started focusing on our family. I started working out, training for a... Continue Reading →


Tonight, in yoga, we heard about prana: Walking along a beach, I watched hundreds of little crabs digging tunnels into the sand. Each crab tunnel was the equivalent of my digging a tunnel twenty feet deep with my bare hands in thirty or forty seconds. This commonplace miracle was possible because it was necessary. If... Continue Reading →

bent arrow

In case you missed it, which is entirely possible with me being one of the few people without a Facebook account to naggingly remind you about it, yesterday was my birthday. Yesterday I turned 33. That is 1/3 of the way to 99. That is halfway to retirement. 30 didn't feel that old to me,... Continue Reading →


Green buds are peeking through the filth that winter has left behind and spring is giving me a new hope, as I suppose it exists for. Winters here in Nebraska are long and dreary and we go weeks, sometimes months, without seeing the sun or feeling any warmth at all. It's not just a lack... Continue Reading →

golden birthday

I thought about forgoing the boys' birthday party. After all, it was just Christmas and do I really have to go through this every year? Also, their cousins didn't live here anymore so we wouldn't have that many guests any way. But then their cousins moved back. And I realized it is Brandon's golden birthday.... Continue Reading →

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