Each of my siblings and I have something we like to do together the most. For my oldest brother and I, it's video games. Old school video games from the Sega Genesis or N64, I mean.For my youngest brother and I, it's board games. We have board game marathons the way other people have Netflix... Continue Reading →

hands up

Two writer friends and I went to a psychic for a palm and tarot card reading. It was in a home, a small house with neon sign that advertised "Palm Reader." When we walked inside, we found ourselves in a screened-in porch decorated in Jesus tchotchkes.Is Jesus on board with their business? Seems like something that... Continue Reading →


Don't have children if you are overly anxious. Don't have children if blood makes you squeamish. Don't have children if you can't stand screaming and shrieking. Don't have children if you like to go out to eat at restaurants. Don't have children if you like to read uninterrupted. Don't have children if you enjoy alone... Continue Reading →


While looking over my last post, I noticed Brandon's shoulders. They are almost non-existent: his neck flowing into his torso like the slats of an "A." And maybe this is because I am a writer and always looking for symbolism, but I thought about how shoulders show us how much we can carry, like an... Continue Reading →

budding independence

Today, Brandon started preschool. I didn't cry so much as when he was a baby and we dropped him off at daycare, but I did tear up. I mean, I'm still me.Last month my female family stayed with us: first my mom, then my sister. Seeing my child through someone else's eyes made me realize... Continue Reading →

state fair

Yesterday, after finishing my blog post, I decided, yes, we're going to the fair. Who cares that it is 135 miles away? Who cares that it's hot hot hot? Who cares that Steve isn't here to help me? My kids will love it.So we got dressed and I packed lunches and away we went. I forgot... Continue Reading →

pocket baseball

Most of the time, I am alone with the kids. At home, this is doable. There is no public shaming or expectations of my parenting. I don't have to worry about being too tough or lenient for watching eyes. The kids are caged in so I don't have to worry about them escaping or being... Continue Reading →

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