songs of Q117

When I write, read, run, or drive I listen to music. So basically all the time.  A song will always remind me of a slice of time in my life. These are my favorite songs in 2017:Love on the Brain - RihannaWhen The Stars Come Out - Chris Stapleton Southern Girl - Amos LeeLa Cienega... Continue Reading →

mixed drinks

Another song I play on repeat, wishing it was longer.Country music tells a story. You can hear it here: first his story, then hers, then theirs.  Need a little background noiseTo drown out this little voiceRunning circles 'round my brainScreaming louder than the painMy head is spinningMy resolve is reeling


For 1096 days, this one has been squirming and screaming. Smiling and snarling.  Getting into things.  Getting out of them.  Talking non-stop every minute he's been awake.  Being a best friend to his brother, being the best lover of me. If you could hear the way he says, "I'm so excited!" you'd be excited too. His squinty-eyed smiles make my... Continue Reading →

bring joy

I rely on myself a lot. I pull myself out of funks. I self-medicate with yoga and running and writing until I can find myself again. I live in a place far from where I'm from. I don't have the camaraderie that comes with an 8-5 job. I make friends, but then the keeping part is... Continue Reading →

teaching each other

Yesterday, I told my friend I haven't taught my kids anything. That everything they know is from a book or TV or the iPad or preschool or each other. But of course, although they have learned from other sources, it isn't true that I haven't taught them anything. Why, right saying after that, I taught... Continue Reading →

in my veins

All that you rely onAnd all that you can fakeWill leave you in the morningBut find you in the dayI haven't stopped binging on Andrew Belle yet. He's in my veins. Holden watched me intently today while I was driving, singing along. It was a moment, him and me, entranced in this song. 

for scott

I've been melancholy lately, realizing again how short life can be.A friend of mine passed away suddenly. I got the call last Wednesday night and I sunk into the booth at work, feeling like this wasn't real. It was an out-of-body experience. I heard the words, and they made logical sense, but it was hard... Continue Reading →


Still doing yoga each day, except the one I missed for Solitude Day. I am reaching the point of needing it now, craving it like I do writing. My body feels tense without it. I wasn't doing it enough before. Now it is becoming a discipline. The boys are even hopping on this train. It... Continue Reading →

positive review

There is no greater compliment than being told my writing is something worthwhile. Writing is the one skill I have, this craft I have spent more time on than anything else. It is what I'm passionate about, what I can't imagine life without. I still remember once when I was a kid and my dad... Continue Reading →

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