Q217 Songs

Love Your Memory - Miranda LambertA Little Bit of Rain - Amos LeeTupelo Honey - Van MorrisonLook At Miss Ohio - Blind PilotFalling in Love at a Coffee Shop - Landon PiggMakin' Me Look Good Again - Drake WhiteImagine - John LennonLast Thing I Needed, First Thing This Morning - Chris StapletonLose It - Oh... Continue Reading →


I think I have the perfect kids for me. The perfect kids for me to parent. I don't feel equipped to mother properly, but they make it easier on me by being for me what I need: adventurous, affectionate, and self-reliant.I hope I am for them what they need, too. This week my boys begged... Continue Reading →

evangelizing Grandpa

Once upon a time, I tried to evangelize my grandpa. It was 1998. I was still home schooled. I knew very little about the world. I thought what I knew then was the absolute truth. And of course, I had to share my vast knowledge with everyone who didn't believe what I did, to make... Continue Reading →

we are not scarecrows

When you take someone for granted,you view them as a fixture,not someone you need to prop up. Someone told me that once. I hurried to write it down. Don't be taken for granted.But more importantly, don't take anyone for granted.We are not fixtures.People move and change, evolve and grow.We do not stand still in one place... Continue Reading →

shadowy corners

I've seen the paths that your eyes wander down, I wanna come tooI think that possibly, maybe I'm falling for youNo one understands me quite like you doThrough all of the shadowy corners of me  "All of the shadowy corners of me." I like that. I like how many different aspects one person has to... Continue Reading →


One day, I am going to be a writer and I will look back at this 34th year of my life, the one where I was in grad school and waitressed at nights and took care of my boys by day and I also freelanced and kept a house and attempted to take care of... Continue Reading →

chasing babysitters

I have been spending the morning trying to nail down a babysitter. For one afternoon a week, some (hopefully) responsible person will watch my children so I can run and write.Once we had not one, but two children, Steve and I decided I wouldn't work. Which was great in some regards: like we saved a... Continue Reading →


A lot of people my age with kids are hover parents. A hover parent is a parent who is always up in their child's grill, out of protection or lack of anything better to do.When I said a lot of them, I meant *cough* "all of the ones I know" *cough.* OK, that's not true.... Continue Reading →

a gift, but also a nightmare

Can I be candid about motherhood?  I'm going to be.A lot of times, it sucks.I remember being a new mother, with raw nipples and tear-stained cheeks and puffy eyes thinking, why didn't anyone tell me this? Why couldn't one person have been honest about how hard parenting is?It's fucking hard. I mean, really fucking hard.... Continue Reading →

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