An employer which allows me to work part-time, flexible hours. Somewhere that lets me put in my headphones when I've had enough of people. A job that keeps my mind free to be creative: a place that doesn't clog me with pettiness and politics. Must be near a good coffee shop. I will show up,... Continue Reading →

adult camp

When I was a kid, I spent some babysitting money on Pringles and Snickers, but most of it I saved. I gave it to dad who put it in his safe and occasionally brought it out for me to count. Camp money. I spent the year adding $5s and $10s, looking forward to that week... Continue Reading →

with joy and pride

Writing is hard.Because it's lonely and draining.Because it takes a long time to get it right, or right enough.Because it is a discipline.Because we're not getting paid. That makes people think it isn't that valuable. Because we are doing this with merely hope that one day it will be something that other people value. So... Continue Reading →

Do I still have what I carried east?

Most of it has disappeared.I lost some flip flops in a lake once, when I was drunk. I walked barefoot to my car the next morning. The car I drove here in—my first car, a black Saturn SC1—I cried over as I sat with my husband at the Mazda dealership, trading it in for something... Continue Reading →

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