night runs

Night runs.Ahhhh (breathe in), night runs.They have always been my favorite.When I was in college,I worked eveningsand I didn't get home until 11 p.m.,and then my favorite thing to dowas lace up my running shoesand run.To run under the stars and the moonswithout all the honking cars and barking dogsis as peacefulas runs can be.The... Continue Reading →


While I was drunkenly piecing together a puzzle last Saturday (so classic), my sister texted me:A: You guys gonna watch the eclipse?Me: If I find glassesA: *sends infographic of where to buy eclipse glasses*     Are you going to the path of totality? I hear it's incredible. We're planning on going.Me: Not sure what that means... Continue Reading →

window blinds

But today...After three and a half years of being a stay-at-home mom: of wiping asses and making lunches and putting out playdoh and scrubbing dishes and breaking up fights and band-aiding scrapes, I had two hours to myself. Holden started preschool. I ran to the lake, a spring in my step. There, the wind blew... Continue Reading →

emptying and filling

Here is how I measure the progress in my life:I quit my job. There is a guy I worked with there who recently left for a few weeks so he could check himself into rehab. On his last night, we were rolling silverware together and I said, "this place is a trigger" and he said... Continue Reading →

first day of kindergarten

At work the other day, my manager was talking with another parent about how hard it was to say goodbye to their kids on the first day of school. "I'll be fine," I said flippantly. "Get out of my house already, I need the quiet." And while it's true that I crave quiet and aloneness,... Continue Reading →

symbiotic brothers

Brandon starts school on Monday. All day Kindergarten. Before, I thought it was me who would have a hard time with it. But now I realize it's Holds. These two have this bond that is so incredible. They speak their own language together. Brandon coaxes Holden into absolutely anything because Holden wants to be just... Continue Reading →

illiterate women’s secret writing

I once saw a copy of a page filled with the strange, elegant scratching of Nüshu, a secret writing system used for centuries by women in the Hunan Province of China and still one of the least known writing systems in the world. Only boys were allowed an education and to participate in the public... Continue Reading →

little acts of kindness

I have been thinking a lot about days. About these self-contained units of time we wake up to each morning and make something of. Each one is filled with little acts of kindness and unkindness. By ourselves, by our family members, by our co-workers, by our friends, and by strangers.These little acts we amplify into... Continue Reading →

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