and now a sandwich

It was earlier this week, while I was washing the dishes and Holden was playing with toys in the living room while a Pandora station played that I sighed and thought, "this feels like home." You know: a place to just be. A place that is comfortable. A place where you don't have to pretend.... Continue Reading →


Thanksgiving is a weird holiday. When I was a kid it meant Grandpa's house, for my favorite weekend of the year. In the first two years of college, it meant tacking myself onto someone else's family holiday. Once in Wyoming where I shot a gun at cans in the foothills, once in Saint Louis when... Continue Reading →


There are times when I sit in the garage with the car idling, willing myself to turn off the ignition, drag myself up the stairs, and go about my day.And then, there are homemade pancakes.There are times when Brandon is crying to his father, asking when everything is going to go back to normal, when... Continue Reading →

Fucking Finally

Whenever I've thought of what I want to do, the only things I ever came up with were writing and teaching. I have been writing. But we all know that doesn't pay the bills. So I'm dipping my toe into the water of teaching. Just a tiny baby toe. I'm working one afternoon a week,... Continue Reading →

Adulting So Hard

This is hard to admit, but here goes:Steve and I are separating.To say I'm overwhelmed would be such an understatement.On Friday, when I walked into the office to get my apartment keys, the office manager said I needed my co-signer with me. So I called Steve who thankfully dropped everything and drove over so I... Continue Reading →

Halloween 2017

It's always cold here on Halloween. But this was the first year it snowed. Just light snowflakes that didn't stick to much, but snow nonetheless. I looked up into the streetlights and watched them fall as the kids ran from house to house, shivering in the snow, collecting candy. This is embarrassing to admit, but when I... Continue Reading →

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