what will you do for work?

People want to know what my plans are. "These are my plans," I reply. Because I am a writer and I plan to remain one."But what will you do for work?"And then I realize that although this life I have carved out works now--now while I'm finishing school, now while Holden is only three, now... Continue Reading →

the parallel of love and attention

Don't you think maybe they are the same thing? Love and attention?  -line from "Ladybird" I have been thinking a lot about the right way to love someone. How we love someone the way we know how, the way we've been loved. Sometimes, that's not the way the other person needs. Sometimes the other person won't... Continue Reading →


You are extremely sensitive to your environment. Recently, I felt the grief of a friend, and I felt it deeply. I excused myself from the people around me, went back to my room and cried for a loss I never had. I thought, is this crazy, am I crazy, for feeling this intensely? And the... Continue Reading →

cracked screen protector

I am trying to learn how to give and foster forgiveness in a bodythat wants none of it.-Sierra DeMulderYesterday I bought a new phone screen protector,because the one I have has a few cracks.The new one, although its sticker was still onwas covered in cracks, more cracksthan the one I had before:cracks running down it like... Continue Reading →

2017 in review

 We ate donuts. Holden knows my order, and I love to hear him say "maple."  Holden wore me out, wore himself out. I started running again.  We went on adventures: to parks, museums, landmarks.  Holden and I became pretty much co-dependent upon each other.  The boys fell in love with Lincoln. We went there a... Continue Reading →

favorite books of 2017

2017 was my only full calendar year of grad school. So yeah, I read a shit ton of books. Fifty, to be exact. And if there's one thing I am, with my lists and spreadsheets, it's exact. (only last semester's reads are pictured)  Here are my top reads from last year: 1. Moon Palaceby Paul AusterNovelThis... Continue Reading →

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