constant panic

It was 1:06 this afternoon, I was napping off a headache, when my phone buzzed. I used to ignore all calls, but now that I've got a child in school, I answer every call in a panic. It wasn't the school, but rather the spa I have a massage scheduled at, calling to inform me... Continue Reading →


This morning was rough.Sometimes, I get overwhelmed.I'm taking a class on campus which might seem stupid, but it's not, because yesterday, when I was stuck on a story, the required reading for my campus class got me unstuck, so it is worth it, but it adds to my stress, to my endless list of things... Continue Reading →

Q417 Songs

I haven't kept up well on my blog. It is my final semester of grad school. I'm also taking a screenwriting class on campus. 𝄼 I'm occupying my time in other ways, but sometimes, when I'm sitting at my computer any way, I think, I'll blog again. Blogging is my first draft, my unedited writing.... Continue Reading →

Diners on Christmas

Something there is about diners open on Christmas. There have been two instances that I have eaten dinner at restaurants on December 25th.The first was 2004.I had just returned from spending Christmas with my family,my conservative Christian family.  I was pregnant, unbeknownst to them.My secret was scratching me, clawing me from the inside. I wanted to... Continue Reading →

Recognizing myself

It was midwest cold, January,the day I was legally divorced.I took a hot bath wheresunlight danced on the tilesfrom the light of the window. When I moved, the dancingchanged: faster, higher, calmer, smaller.It was still January, cold, when I got my name back.The name I was always called by,the name I knew myself asforever, all... Continue Reading →

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