We saw LA

I went to LA with my friends, the frat. We went because my mentor invited us to check out her press, understand how it works. Writers don't say no to an opportunity like that. We stayed in the El Sereno neighborhood, which is right by the train tracks.Maybe not the best part of town, but... Continue Reading →

compiling my thesis (sort of)

No one told me how hard it is to compile a thesis.It's like you get into grad school (hurray! 🎉) and then you do some work, and then it gets progressively harder and harder and then you quit your job to focus on school and spend so many of your waking minutes obsessing over getting... Continue Reading →

plea for life

Last summer, at residency, I met this woman. She came as an alum and shared her words and I laughed and laughed and cried and cried. She was a student in my program's first class. She read from her application to the MFA program, which she had written 13 years prior. She called it a... Continue Reading →

another year older

 So we went to Washington, the boys and me.  They were absolute champions with luggage. OK, most of the time. When they weren't, the kindness of strangers came through again, as it always seems to.  Holden, no longer the baby, took care of the baby in his own way.  The cherry blossoms were out, the... Continue Reading →

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