First haircut

 I tried giving this little monster a haircut while he was conscious and alert. That was a bust. So I busted a Delilah and cut it off while he was sleeping. I have no idea how barbers cut babies' hair.

family pictures

We just returned from Christmas in Seattle. For my parents' 35th anniversary (a year late), we got them pictures of all of us.   Here is my brother's family:  And my little family, of course:  My sister and Dan: And my favorite little brother:   The original Peleskys:  And the people who made us and all of our little families... Continue Reading →

Preppy baby

Before raising a child, little baby clothes are so adorable. Shrunken men's clothes in tiny sizes for a little boy makes you want to pinch some baby cheeks and squint your eyes with a creepy smile on. Because you don't have to wrangle your child into it or pull his flailing legs out of it... Continue Reading →

7 months

My little boy is growing up fast.Today was his first time in a grocery cart without his infant carrier.After flirting with some cougar in the bakery section, he conked out.Later on, after watching me drink out of my Camelbak, he decided he was thirsty, too.

First halloween

Have you ever seen a cuter Superman? Say "no" or get off my blog. He came to my work in his costume. After sweating in his costume, Brandon went back to his Clark Kent clothes.

baby pictures

One of the benefits of working with a bunch of smart IT people is that they're rubbing off on me. After all this time, I've finally learned how to correctly use a scanner. Which means I am finally able to post a blog that I've wanted to for months now:Here is a picture of me... Continue Reading →

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