Full Tilt

{Published in HaveHasHad, 11/2020}

How To Be Miserable

{Published in Fiction Southeast, 7/2020} Or listen

This is How You Leave Him

{Published in Monkeybicycle, 6/2019}

Anne Who Isn’t Doreen

{Published in JMWW, 8/2019}


Restaurant People

{Published in Kissing Dynamite, Issue 12, 12/2019}

Seen, Loved Anyway

{Published in YESPOETRY, 9/2020}

Creative Nonfiction

Say You’re Pregnant

{Published in Autofocus, 3/2021}

Pulp in My Hand

{Published in Moonchild Magazine, 1/2020}

I Keep Meaning to Write About the Day You Were Born

{Published in Pussy Magic, 11/2019}

The Pet We Never Shared

{Published in The Rappahannock Review, Issue 6.1, 12/2018}

Pooled in Ripples

{Published in River Teeth‘s “Beautiful Things,” 12/2018}


{Published in Homology Lit, Issue 1, 1/2019}

About Chains

{Published in The Nasiona, 1/2019} Or listen (24:05)

The Days of our Growing

{Published in The Roanoake Review, 5/2019}

Now That I’m Being Honest

{Published in Jellyfish Review, 5/2019}

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In print

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