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Well, Jewel's book didn't turn out quite as fantastic as I projected. She transformed from an independent warrior woman to a co-dependent brainwashed one. Her book ends up being a bit preachy - bestowing on her readers everything she learned as advice we should heed. And although I definitely didn't agree with all of it... Continue Reading →


Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, our society is manufacturing the glasses. The mass perception of beauty changes with styles and fads. Girls are straightening their curly hair, spray tanning their fair complexions, sewing silicone into their breasts all because that is what someone thinks beauty is. Someone's whose opinion matters to... Continue Reading →


Steve and I were on our nightly walk (yes, we act like 70-year olds, we know) when we heard some preteen screeching. Some girl was sniffling and whining about the injustices of her brother shoving a hockey stick in her stomach. The dad pretended to be listening, but quickly shushed her as he saw Steve... Continue Reading →


Indie (adj): abbreviated form of independent - referring to a fad that would hate to be called popular, but that's exactly what it is. Indie movies (or indie kids would probably call them "films"): Movies without a happy ending. Or, perhaps more commonly, movies without any conclusion for an end. Indie music: the music that... Continue Reading →

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