life after running

I am learning to live like a normal person again, not a person training for a marathon.I went to yoga class a few weeks ago, on a day that I had completed a long run. One of my classmates was impressed at my long distance feat."Runners are usually in the worst shape," my yoga instructor... Continue Reading →


In 2016, I am finally going to knock some of these tasks off my bucket list.So I submitted a manuscript to a publisher and registered for a marathon on January 1st.Now I should go get my wrist tattoo.  I will spend the next few months running and doing yoga. And then running some more. And... Continue Reading →

wasting health

Sometimes I think what a waste it is to have a perfectly healthy body and not to treat it like that. We use our muscles to climb our own stairs, to wash our dishes, and to transport ourselves from here to there - we stand up and walk just to get to somewhere else where... Continue Reading →

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