a symbol others recognize

Although I've been done with school since July, the formal commencement for my class wasn't until December. Most people in our program elect not to walk. But not me, Jen, and Suzanne. We signed the fuck up. Ordered our caps and gowns. Showed up at an ungodly hour, prepared to sit for hours, which we... Continue Reading →

frat nucleus

Two years ago, I conceived a fraternity with my friend while we were just a little shitfaced at my first residency. It was a kinship of writers who share writing processes, drinks, and laughs. Today, not only does it live on, but it is a nucleus of sorts. The program seemed to swirl around us.... Continue Reading →

this process so sacred

It is coming to an end, my MFA. A week from Saturday, I will be finished. I wrote to my friend about our loss of this process so sacred, but with the gain of knowledge and motivation and friendship. I met her two years ago when we were new students. We met drinking vodka on... Continue Reading →

compiling my thesis (sort of)

No one told me how hard it is to compile a thesis.It's like you get into grad school (hurray! 🎉) and then you do some work, and then it gets progressively harder and harder and then you quit your job to focus on school and spend so many of your waking minutes obsessing over getting... Continue Reading →

plea for life

Last summer, at residency, I met this woman. She came as an alum and shared her words and I laughed and laughed and cried and cried. She was a student in my program's first class. She read from her application to the MFA program, which she had written 13 years prior. She called it a... Continue Reading →


This morning was rough.Sometimes, I get overwhelmed.I'm taking a class on campus which might seem stupid, but it's not, because yesterday, when I was stuck on a story, the required reading for my campus class got me unstuck, so it is worth it, but it adds to my stress, to my endless list of things... Continue Reading →

frat bros

I have an addictive personality. In both the chemical and compulsive behavior categories, I like to get fucked up. Fuuuuucked up. I wrote an essay about it this semester: about why I drink or smoke weed. I like to feel OK as I am and it seems I can only achieve that when I'm drunk... Continue Reading →

resembling myself

I read the phrase, A woman who has only recently come to resemble herself ("The Folded Clock: A Diary" by Heidi Julavits). I underlined it. I read it again: "A woman who has only recently come to resemble herself." There was a break on the page then, which I used to mull over this sentence,... Continue Reading →


Writing was lonely.So very lonely.Until the day I discovered other writers.I knew they existed, of course, on couches being interviewed, represented with jacket pictures, in print. But not in real life like this.  When I joined this MFA Program last summer, my world exploded. Suddenly I was filled to the brim with the camaraderie I... Continue Reading →

adult camp

When I was a kid, I spent some babysitting money on Pringles and Snickers, but most of it I saved. I gave it to dad who put it in his safe and occasionally brought it out for me to count. Camp money. I spent the year adding $5s and $10s, looking forward to that week... Continue Reading →

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