The importance of being alone

There was a teenage girl swinging at the park tonight, playing country music from her phone speakers. She was singing along, loudly and mostly out of tune. I recognized myself in her. I thought of how I am always seeking solitude. How I look for places where I can be alone, remember myself again. I... Continue Reading →


Having a busy mind is both a benefit and a liability. Our busy minds keep us from getting bored, they help us be creative, they are in many ways the essence of who we are. But sometimes the racket inside our heads is loud as a car alarm, interfering with our ability to connect with... Continue Reading →


When I tell people I'm an introvert, they usually argue. In fact, only people who know me well really believe me.Introverts who are not shy are used to being told that they could not possible be introverts. People usually think that introverts are shy and extroverts are social. But that's not it. Extroverts get their energy... Continue Reading →

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