Trying to find a career

Our twenties are for experimenting, exploring different jobs, and discovering what fulfills us. My professor warned against graduate school, asserting, "you're not fully formed yet. You don't know if it's what you really want to do with your life because you haven't tried enough things...And if you rush into something you're unsure about, you might... Continue Reading →

Networking tips from a recruiter

Networking and searchingLong gone are the days of searching the classifieds for a job and calling up to schedule and interview. So get with the times. Use the internet so recruiters can discover you. Create a LinkedIn page. Complete your profile. Add skills and bullet points under your jobs so you show up in searches.... Continue Reading →

Interview tips from a recruiter

The Interview If you've made it to the interview stage, you're one of the top candidates. Most people never get invited in for an interview based on their resume (see previous post). There are thousands of articles on how to act in an interview. I'm going to assume everyone here is professional enough to know... Continue Reading →

Resume tips from a recruiter

Friday was my last day working for awhile. I don't write about work much, but today, before all of this knowledge leaves me and my brain turns into an endless loop of feeding and changing cycles again, I want to share what I've learned for those of you seeking jobs. For the past six and... Continue Reading →

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