Having a busy mind is both a benefit and a liability. Our busy minds keep us from getting bored, they help us be creative, they are in many ways the essence of who we are. But sometimes the racket inside our heads is loud as a car alarm, interfering with our ability to connect with... Continue Reading →

non-dairy ice cream

First day of lent done. Oh my god, dairy is in everything. Except this, which a dairy-free girl at work told me about (I promptly ran to the store after finishing my shift). I'm not even that into ice cream anymore. Sure, at one time it was my Achilles' heel, but now I associate ice cream... Continue Reading →


Nonreligiously, I have decided to give something up for lent. I like cleansing: getting rid of excesses for a time. Realizing I can live without. Filling the void with something better.So I have given up dairy. If you know me, you know I love lattes, ice cream, and cheese. Outside of pasta, sandwiches, and wine,... Continue Reading →

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