warm nights

I give Omaha a lot of shit, because for three months every year I drive on snow-covered streets in white-knuckle terror. Then in the summer, I dread going outside for fear I will faint from heat stroke, or else just sweat so bad I leave a trail of sweat droplets behind me.But for as much... Continue Reading →


I love my little big city.Yesterday, I drove across the breadth of this town that I love, my window rolled down with the smell of freshly-cut grass in the air. My new used books on the seat next to me, and a smile on my face.I know the streets: which are one ways, which traffic... Continue Reading →

Taking life

Today, at the high school a mile from my house, there was a school shooting. I drove by the school on my way home a few hours later and I could feel death hanging in the air. It feels like a heavy dark curtain, so thick in the air, your throat closes up.Right before the... Continue Reading →

home away from home

Home is where you make itI've lived in Omaha for five years. The rest of my life was spent in Pierce County, WA. On days like today, I miss it. I miss the streets and the temperature, the restaurants and the parks. I miss a lot of places I probably wouldn't visit and a lot... Continue Reading →

as close as i get to talking politics

Nice try, hateful & unsuccessful business owner. I'm sure you thought Nebraska would be a prime location to try peddling your goods to people who are anti-Middle East (oh I'm sorry, you prefer the term patriotic don't you? I'm assuming that's what your painted flag is supposed to represent). You were wrong about us; if... Continue Reading →

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