hallowed nights alone

I keep chasing this quiet. The hallowed silence, the absence of the sounds of other people. I am a private person. I like to hole up in my own space without anyone asking me to do something else instead. I have to learn to say no to people, learn to make my own quietness as... Continue Reading →

The importance of being alone

There was a teenage girl swinging at the park tonight, playing country music from her phone speakers. She was singing along, loudly and mostly out of tune. I recognized myself in her. I thought of how I am always seeking solitude. How I look for places where I can be alone, remember myself again. I... Continue Reading →

opinionated, stubborn, and bossy

I just read Anne Frank's diary again. I could write 20 blog posts on it. I am astounded by the precociousness, honesty, and self-awareness that came from this 14-year-old girl. "The young are not afraid of telling the truth," Eleanor Roosevelt writes in the introduction. It is sad that we grow into adults where we... Continue Reading →

My 43

While looking for something else entirely, I was side tracked by these lists people were making online to describe themselves using 43 words. So here are my 43:1. Moody2. Unpunctual3. Procrastinator4. Impatient5. Judgmental6. Passionate7. Poetic8. Determined9. Opinionated10. Hospitable11. Learning12. Honest13. Wife14. Curious15. Inquisitive16. Observant17. Homebody18. Pensive19. Reader20. Writer21. Loyal22. Creative23. Empathetic24. Resourceful25. Decisive26. Expressive27. Sarcastic28.... Continue Reading →


Today held no agenda. So I finished Thursday's puzzle, then read a book on the couch. When my head was filled with thoughts, I grabbed my green pen and wrote. Then I went on a walk. Omaha is hushed for three hours every Saturday in the fall. I walked by houses with Husker flags and... Continue Reading →

the off hours

I found this picture and it describes me. Everything about this is me at my core - without the influences of other people or social norms or worries of money, this is who I am. I'm not always a bitch, I'm not always a workaholic. I'm not always entertaining someone (however subtle or obvious my... Continue Reading →

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