losing home

The unthinkable has happened. My parents are selling their house. Our house. Our family home. When I heard the news, I should have been instantly happy for my parents to be moving on and up. I should have been glad for them and this next chapter that they've been talking about for years and years. And... Continue Reading →

that brown house on 118th street

When I think of home as a place, I think of course to my parents' house. Not the way it is now, with a monochromatic living room and rooms full of stuff rather than people; I think of it the way it was when my brothers, sister and I were children. Back then, it was... Continue Reading →

Family home for sale

My Grandpa's house went on the market this week.This is the most sacred place in the world to me. I wrote about it here once upon a time. It's been seven years since my Grandpa passed, but his home has stayed in the family - being rented out.But my mother and her siblings agreed the... Continue Reading →

Longacre Park

In September 2006, right after returning home from our honeymoon, Steve and I moved to Fairview Heights, Illinois. Across the street from our little apartment was Longacre Park. I went there nearly every day, sometimes twice to walk or to run. I have never loved running as much as I did there on that trail. Although... Continue Reading →

Grandpa’s house

This is my favorite road in the world. It leads to Grandpa's house. Grandpa lived in a large farm house that originated as one story. They added stories as the family grew, until it was a towering three stories tall full of eight kids. My mom is the oldest. We didn't live nearby, like the... Continue Reading →

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