top 5s

Cities I'd like to live in: DenverLondonCannon Beach, ORHeidelbergNYCPeople who I love to hang out with: SteveMelindaTraceyPatrickJoelFamous people I'd like to meet: Sylvia Plath (brilliant)Augusten Burroughs (funny, smart, moody)Adam Brody (eye candy)Cameron Diaz (I think we'd be friends)Aziz Ansari (too hilarious to describe in parentheses)Old person hobbies: PuzzlesWeedingReadingWalkingBook salesYoung person hobbies: eBaybloggingreality tvrunningspending too much... Continue Reading →

Top 5 – media edition

Because I'm currently reading "High Fidelity," my top five lists (the difference being I don't feel it's necessary to say 'of all time' on each list heading). After making a couple of these, I realized you can make these lists about absolutely anything, so this blog will only contain media-related lists. Top 5 books: 1.... Continue Reading →

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