In February 2016, I was approached by a fellow writer and asked to edit his book. I warned him that I didn’t have any experience in the area, but he insisted, saying he knew I was the right person for the job. He rattled off reasons that I was qualified despite my lack of professional experience.

So I agreed.

I began editing his book and immediately fell in love with the process. I loved being another perspective on the same book – sharing ideas with the author and together finding ways to make the manuscript its best version.

I will share with you the reasons he shared with me that I am qualified to edit for you (I’ve added a few):

1. I have my undergraduate degree in English.
2. I am pursuing my Master’s degree in Fiction Writing.
3. I am a writer myself.
4. I am an avid reader.
5. I am very thorough with strong attention to detail.
6. Everything I do, I do whole-heartedly. I will invest myself into your manuscript as I would my own.
6. I have a website I use to brag about myself.
7. I can spell “proofreader.”

Since editing the full manuscript, I have edited stories and poetry for fellow writers, as well as articles and web content for businesses.

Contact me to set something up or just to discover if I’m the right fit for you.

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