In February 2016, I was approached by a fellow writer and asked to edit his book. I warned him that I didn’t have any experience in the area, but he insisted, saying he knew I was the right person for the job. He rattled off reasons that I was qualified despite my lack of professional experience.

So I agreed.

I began editing his book and immediately fell in love with the process. I loved being another perspective on the same book – sharing ideas with the author and together finding ways to make the manuscript its best version.

I will share with you the reasons he shared with me that I am qualified to edit for you (I’ve added a few):

1. I have my undergraduate degree in English.
2. I am pursuing my Master’s degree in Creative Writing.
3. I am a writer myself (just not published yet).
4. I am an avid reader.
5. I am very thorough with strong attention to detail.
6. Everything I do, I do whole-heartedly. I will invest myself into your manuscript as I would my own.
6. I have a website I use to brag about myself.
7. I can spell “proofreader.”

Contact me to set something up or just to discover if I’m the right fit for you.

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