Top 10 picture books for my 2-year-old

Since before Brandon was born, I have been planning what we would read together. I love books of all types, even (maybe especially) children's books. I lined his shelves with my childhood favorites - Harry the Dirty Dog, Lyle Lyle the Crocodile, anything by Bill Peet. But there are all sorts of other kids books... Continue Reading →

Useful baby stuff

Here are some things I found myself running to the store for after Brandon was born:1. Sleep n plays. These are the one-piece outfits complete with footsies. They come in either snap up or zip up. I thought I was going to be dressing Brandon in preppy little outfits every day, but then I realized... Continue Reading →

Useless baby stuff

Before you've been a parent, you have no idea what to expect. So you prepare as best you can by buying  way too much shit. Seriously - the amount of money I wasted on useless baby things is ridiculous. I probably could have quit working back when Brandon was born if I would have been... Continue Reading →

Baby toys worth buying

Being someone who very recently raised a baby, I thought I have a little expertise on the subject of baby crap. Babies require so much crap. But not as much as the Babies R Us registry guidebook would lead you to believe. Here are the products that we loved and loathed this past year:Big Toys: ... Continue Reading →

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