Baby toys worth buying

Being someone who very recently raised a baby, I thought I have a little expertise on the subject of baby crap. Babies require so much crap. But not as much as the Babies R Us registry guidebook would lead you to believe. Here are the products that we loved and loathed this past year:

Big Toys: 

0-3 months
Brandon loved this piano gym his Uncle Matt and Aunt Emily got him. I highly recommend this if you have a boy. They have a lot of energy and those dangling toys alone don’t seem to do too much to keep a baby’s attention. Having the piano keys to kick was what excited Brandon.

3-6 months
A big ass mat. Those tiny little ones are pointless. If your child is big enough to need a mat, he’s a big enough to need a large one. They roll over like crazy and one roll would land them off of a little one. We keep our mat in our living roomTacky? Yes. But useful? Yes.

6-9 months
At this point he was too big for the piano gym, but still needed to get his energy out. A bouncer is perfect for this. We got him the Little Einstein one because we are brand loyal, but he loved the Jumparoo at daycare even more. 

9-12 months
Brandon loves to pull himself up and bang on shit. So his new obsession is his activity table. I got this at a consignment sale when he was just two weeks old, never thinking he would play on it this early. But he crawls to it from another room.

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