the blogger is out: to return in september

Forgive me for my absence.Big Brother has begun.If it weren't for that show, there would be absolutely nothing I liked about summer. I hate mosquitoes and unbearable heat and that stuff between your window panes. I hate the sound of flip flops, I hate those teeny bikinis that I can't wear ever since the stretch... Continue Reading →

Koli got screwed on Biggest Loser 9

I'm boycotting the Biggest Loser. I know they're really going to feel that loss when their ratings drop from 11.7 million viewers to 11,699,999 viewers. They might even have to start over with a new concept: like anorexic people putting ON weight. If any of you watch the show, you know what happened so I... Continue Reading →

reality sinks in

So tonight I had too much time on my hands. That's dangerous for me. It gets me thinking and turns me ambitious. And tonight that ambition came in the form of being a reality tv show cast member. In summer of 2005, I became hooked on "Big Brother." If you're not familiar with the show,... Continue Reading →

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