Koli got screwed on Biggest Loser 9

I’m boycotting the Biggest Loser. I know they’re really going to feel that loss when their ratings drop from 11.7 million viewers to 11,699,999 viewers. They might even have to start over with a new concept: like anorexic people putting ON weight.

If any of you watch the show, you know what happened so I don’t have to rehash it. Pretty much, I’m miffed because the person who lost the highest percentage of weight did not win the title of “Biggest Loser” and $250K. All because of this stupid “America’s Vote” most reality shows have now that I hate. America voted out the one person who has never fallen below the yellow line and has lost more than half his original weight. They voted out the champion for an athletic overeater who didn’t have a chance.

Koli was always there to win, and the viewing public doesn’t want a winner to win: they want an underdog. The moral of this story is it’s really not about weight loss; it’s about giving the people what they want. That person just doesn’t happen to be me. NBC’s loss – I’m an avid reality TV watcher. I’m moving to CBS for all reality shows from now on. Speaking of, Big Brother starts July 8. Now there’s something I can really focus all my reality tv passion on.

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  1. i dont think this is the first season that the $100,000.00 winner loses a greater percentage than the $250,000.00 winner.

    if the contestants voted out one of the bottom 2, like they do all season, i think it still would have been daris with them in the final 3. they knew koli was the greatest threat, they wouldn't have kept him there.

    the only way they should call it the biggest loser is if every week, the person with the lowest percentage of weight loss went home. forget the voting crap every week… but that is what people want, it makes more drama. people like drama.

  2. melinda, that's a great idea! the voting is stupid, they should just have that red line every week. no more game play, just weight loss.

    jillian and bob always preach about how that is what this show is really about – then how about they really make it about that!

    i agree koli still would have been sent home if michael and ashley were to cast votes. the world is unfair, i just haven't come to grips with it yet.

  3. ha! It is not the first time. I agree.
    I hate the voting.

    I think Koli looked very sad or mad or something.
    He could not fake it, could he?

    “I just want to go home.”

    I fast forward thru the whole show and just watch the weigh ins.

  4. the funny thing is that Michael & Ashley still have weight to lose. Koli is pretty much where he should be weight wise, Daris too probably, as well as Sherry. And then they bring out my archnemesis Shay lost 51 pounds since last season and how they are asking her to do this stupid challenge again with Jared. What a joke. And yeah, I agree, I hate all the fake drama with the voting, etc.

  5. patrick: i thought shay's weight loss was pretty pathetic. someone i worked with met her and said she was downing cocktails, so i guess that explains it.

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