birthday, wax, boycott

Today my husband is 29 years old. This means that I have known him for over 8 years. I remember spending his 21st birthday with him in the Old Market Lofts at a tenant roof party we weren't invited to. Steve won an accent wall that we later gave to an actual tenant. Next, we... Continue Reading →

reality bites

I watch a lot of reality tv. Tonight, while catching up on Project Runway, I thought of how much more interesting my life would be if it were set up like a reality show. I mean, it's called reality because it's just like life, right? I was thinking of an office Big Brother where we... Continue Reading →

vacuums suck

So apparently vacuum cleaners require maintenance? This is news to me. I mean sure, I've had belts snap before, but there are filters to replace? Give me a break. Non-pet owners always say owning a pet is expensive. No it's not, owning a vacuum is.I fully intended on cleaning up the massive amounts of hair... Continue Reading →

Koli got screwed on Biggest Loser 9

I'm boycotting the Biggest Loser. I know they're really going to feel that loss when their ratings drop from 11.7 million viewers to 11,699,999 viewers. They might even have to start over with a new concept: like anorexic people putting ON weight. If any of you watch the show, you know what happened so I... Continue Reading →

must-see tv

What I do with my evenings consists of working out and watching tv. Usually simultaneously, but on days I'm feeling lazy, it's just me, a blanket, and a bag of PopSecret Homestyle (all other popcorn sucks in comparison). On days when I'm ambitious, I add blogging and reading to my agenda, but there's so much... Continue Reading →

reality tv #5

American Idol: Loved it. I loved all the songs, all the performances. This top five is the most talented I've ever seen. Even Danny Gokey who is overrated was fantastic tonight. Actually, I think he did the best, but really, everyone gave me chills. And no horrible wardrobe choices I can make fun of. Everyone... Continue Reading →

reality tv #4

I watched American Idol. I've decided two contestants who could make CDs I would actually buy: Matt Giruad and the girl with the red hair. Well, only the girl's if she did her Bonnie Raitt style, and not her Tiffani thing. And then I would drag two or three songs of Kris Allen's off of... Continue Reading →

reality tv #3

1. Rock of LoveAll three seasons I've watched this trashy show, loving the stripper antics and catfights. All three seasons, I've been disappointed after the final episode when Brett picks the wrong woman. No exception in season three, I am not surprised. I did find it interesting that Brett said, "this is the last time... Continue Reading →

reality tv #2

Well, my eye candy on the Biggest Loser is gone. All I have to look at now is stretch marks, extra skin, and sweat. It was a very intense episode for me. Although Tara beats him in the challenges, I think Sione is the most determined and inspirational athlete on the show. Glad to see... Continue Reading →

reality tv #1

Tuesday night is TV night, so Tuesday blog is now (reality) TV blog. I will actually start with Sunday's news: I'm not sure who still watches "Rock of Love" (it is season 3, after all -- I think we all realize that Bret Michaels isn't really looking to settle down), but only very few viewers... Continue Reading →

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