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What I do with my evenings consists of working out and watching tv. Usually simultaneously, but on days I’m feeling lazy, it’s just me, a blanket, and a bag of PopSecret Homestyle (all other popcorn sucks in comparison). On days when I’m ambitious, I add blogging and reading to my agenda, but there’s so much tv to watch, so little time. So those get pushed aside quite often.

I’m over American Idol. I’ve tired of it. The phrases and jokes are the same week after week (that ripe banana thing was just stupid: sorry Ellen, I love you otherwise). I was sick of hearing Randy say, “I don’t know dawg, that didn’t do it for me,” or “a thousand percent yes.” Plus, after mullet boy Alex Lambert got booted, I stuck true to my boycott promise. There are other shows I could be watching.

I’ve always been a fan of the Biggest Loser. Mostly because I work out while watching it, so it motivates me to sweat my ass off. And seriously, when Daris ran a 5K in 21 minutes flat yesterday, I realized how slow I run. Time to up my pace from the 6.6, I guess. But I have to admit, after however many seasons, some of it gets a little old, too. Like those stupid built-in commercials they do for Ziploc, Brita, and Designer Whey. If Bob wants to pull you aside ladies, it’s not to schedule a one-on-one workout in your hometown (I heard he’s gay but didn’t believe it). He just wants to tell you that a great way to add fiber to your diet is by eating 3/4 cup of Fiber One cereal each morning.

My guilty pleasure is The City. Oh my gosh, I love that show. I wish that was the two hour show instead of Biggest Loser. I don’t think Whitney’s clothing line is up to par with the other fashion shown at Bryant Park. I mean, c’mon. Those of us who want to watch real designers have Project Runway for that. Show more of what goes on at Elle. It seems like all they do at People’s Revolution is roll their eyes. I just loved the drama between Olivia and Erin, but it looks like they’re going to squash that this season. Just because they’re tired of it doesn’t mean I am! So for drama, I added The Hills to my DVR list last night. Heidi’s face honestly scared me. OK, so you had a terrible music video that got ten million hits on youtube for all the wrong reasons. That doesn’t mean you need to butcher yourself to become unrecognizable.

The only show that isn’t reality that I absolutely will never miss is Cougar Town. It takes a couple episodes to really get rolling, but once it does, it is absolutely hilarious. The day Season one comes out on DVD I’m taking the day off work and laughing myself into a coma. You should too. Hell, come over, we’ll make a day of it. Courtney Cox’s body is amazing. If I looked half that good or even weighed twice as much as she does at her age, I’d die peacefully. But let’s not turn this into fantasy, after all, this was all about reality up until that point.

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