reality tv #3

1. Rock of Love
All three seasons I’ve watched this trashy show, loving the stripper antics and catfights. All three seasons, I’ve been disappointed after the final episode when Brett picks the wrong woman. No exception in season three, I am not surprised. I did find it interesting that Brett said, “this is the last time I’m going to do this.” We’ll see about that.

2. Biggest Loser
Thank God it was finally makeover week! If I had to look at Kristin’s horrible highlights one more week, I might start spending two hours of my Monday evening watching a movie, instead of a reality show. I thought it was funny when Kristin said, “I’m from the Midwest,” as if we hadn’t already guessed with that horrible hairdo and her starting weight of 360 pounds. She doesn’t look like a grotesquely overweight freak to me, she looks like the clientele at Cici’s Pizza.

Ron is the puppet master in this show that is supposed to be about weight loss but is really almost as manipulative as Big Brother. Every week, whoever he campaigns against goes home. And Ron himself has been in the bottom two six or seven times and is still hanging around. I’m ready for him to go. I’m surprised he didn’t lose more weight this week: I thought shaving his beard would take off at least five pounds in itself.

Although I was sad to see Sione leave last week, I was happy to see Filipe cope without him. He took charge in the group and was more determined in his workouts. It was nice to see that side of him.

3. American Idol
I think the theme this week was pretty lame. When I heard it was songs from movies I was expecting, “I can show you the world,” and “Beauty and the Beast.” I think those songs would have been better. Overall, I found the songs cheesy and lame, but I think the performers this season are the best American Idol has had all eight years. On to the specifics:

a. Anoop — Wow. That blew me away. I had no idea he had it in him. I think he hit his notes flawlessly. I also think his nerd appeal is starting to work in his favor. I do wonder about all those frat boys sitting in his “family and friends” section week after week. Something about him makes me think his real dream in life is to be an extra in “Harold and Kumar go to White Castle.”

b. Matt Giruad — This could very well be the week he goes home. Too much with the runs. There are so many guys this season, I think he’s having a hard time standing out. He had a couple notes today where I actually winced. His three piece suits are starting to make him look like the rabbit off Alice and Wonderland than Justin Timberlake.

c. Allison — I personally didn’t think the performance was that great, but she was the first, so after seeing the others, I thought it was alright. Not as spectacular as she’s done in the past, but still the best girl in the group (not much competition though in that department). Hair looked better but I will never understand her clothes. She consistently looks like a Gordman’s clearance rack.

d. Danny Gokey — I didn’t see his performance tonight, but I wouldn’t say I missed it. I’m sure it was overly emotional and cheesy as always and sounded just like every other song he’s ever sung. Blah. I’ve moved on, but I don’t think America is with me on this one. Then again, I’m not swayed by personal stories or Perry Ellis designer eyewear. He’s an alright singer, but he’s not a star in my book. If he does win this year, I think second and third place will outsell him in records.

e. Kris Allen — what was that? I was bored within one line. I don’t think he’s been improving these last few weeks. Luckily for him, he is the eye candy this season, so he’s still got a couple weeks left before he’s voted out. I love his wardrobe though. If he doesn’t make it in music, perhaps he could apply to be Tim Gunn’s assistant.

f. Adam Lambert — I like the way he commands the stage and changes things up. That being said, he doesn’t always have to do those squeaky notes just because he can. I think he is by far the star this season, but needs to hear constructive criticism more often from the judges. I think he’s a bit arrogant and sometimes a little too theatrical. He would put on a hell of a show though. He is the only one of these contestants who I think would be better live than on the radio.

g. Lil Rounds — awful. Bette Midler, “the Rose”? That is probably the easiest song in the world to sing which just proves to me that she is not good enough to hang with the rest of these cats. This is not special music at a funeral. Also, what is with her mouthing off to Simon week after week? I don’t find that endearing at all. Between the lipstick, the feather earrings, and that last note of hers that actually made me utter, “wtf?” I see her in the bottom three. I would like to see her go home, but I’m afraid my boy Mad Hatter will beat her off the show.

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