predictin’ tv, walkin’, and retailin’

I just finished working for 13 straight hours, but I’m not going to let that deter me from bloggin’. From unemployed to overemployed: I’ve got to make up for lost time.

On the drive home, I called Steve and got the 411 on who got the least votes on Idol. I’d like you to know that the last two weeks in a row, I have predicted the results show and have been dead-on on every detail. I pick the lowest three, the first to get sent “back to safety” and then who gets sent home. I believe I may have a gift for predicting the outcome of reality shows. I was high on believing that I have a gift when I walked in the door and heard Steve give the play-by-play on “Lost” as it was happening, knowing everything as it unfolded. So either both my husband and I are clairvoyant or tv is that predictable. I’ll let you be the judge.

On days that I haven’t been working two jobs (which is every day except today) I have been trying to log my six miles when I can find the time (between jigsaw puzzles and my hectic facebooking schedule). The other day, I was walking down 144th behind two Mormon boys with the white short-sleeved shirts and the backpacks. Apparently they felt a heathen hot on their trail, because they both abruptly jaywalked. I am probably the only person in the world the mormons do not want to converse with and try to convert. Instead, I cause them to sin just to escape me (jaywalking is not a sin to me, but who knows what they believe).

I went to the mall on Saturday for one reason alone: to return some clothes at two stores. When I arrived, I had to circle around looking for a parking spot as if it was December 22nd. Once inside, there were so many Jr. highers loitering that I got so fed up with dodging Vans sneakers that I only returned one of my items and hit up Orange Julius on the way out. Then I came home and logged onto the internet. There is more than one way to spend money, and I’m all about supporting technological advances.

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