reality tv #5

American Idol:

Loved it. I loved all the songs, all the performances. This top five is the most talented I’ve ever seen. Even Danny Gokey who is overrated was fantastic tonight. Actually, I think he did the best, but really, everyone gave me chills. And no horrible wardrobe choices I can make fun of. Everyone looked quite dapper. Very impressed. I’m ready to be disappointed now next week. Don’t want to see one of my three favs go home (Allison, Matt, and Kris) but I know it’s inevitable. (And yes, I believe in the oxford comma).

Biggest Loser:

Every year, I watch contestants I like go home and although I am disappointed, I also expected it. Both Kristin and Filipe (and Sione) went home as a result of Ron, and they all three had the chance to vote him out (what was it: seven or eight times he was below the yellow line?) I hate to say they deserved it, but perhaps they should have spent a little of their time before the show watching old Big Brother episodes. Learn how to manipulate people and not let them manipulate you. I feel like everyone is “surprised” when their time comes and no one anticipates the cat claws. I should teach a class, or at least try out for Big Brother.

Can’t wait for the next installment of Big Brother. If anyone would revolve their life around a show, it would be me following the latest alliances and cheesy competitions all in a struggle for power. I love the human race.

Daisy of Love:

Has anyone else seen this? I know you have, Kelsey. We are in for a bumpy ride with a lot of alcoholic males, all who think they are rock stars vying to be Silicone’s main man. Where did the producers find this trash? I think they hit up the bars after hours and literally picked up the people still there (lying on the floor, no doubt). Regardless of their recruiting tactics, we are in for some entertaining smut. Although I do prefer seeing a house full of catty girls rather than a house of too much testosterone. Either way, if it’s on VH1 on a Sunday night, I’ll watch it.

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