reality tv #2

Well, my eye candy on the Biggest Loser is gone. All I have to look at now is stretch marks, extra skin, and sweat. It was a very intense episode for me. Although Tara beats him in the challenges, I think Sione is the most determined and inspirational athlete on the show. Glad to see that he got some tighter shirts (and they say guys are the pervs).

On “Rock of Love,” I’m not surprised that Jamie was eliminated. Let’s be honest: she has a better personality than the other two and is much more normal, but Bret Michaels isn’t looking for normal. Speaking of normal: her looks are the reason she is gone. She looks too much like an every-day woman and not enough like a hooker who could very well be from the meat-packing district.

American Idol: although I was a hater at first, Adam is truly in a league of his own. I find myself looking forward to his performances more than anyone elses. He takes risks that no other contestant has the bandwidth to do. He truly is a performer.

Kris Allen: have loved for his instrumental and vocal talent, not to mention his boyish charms. However, I’m not a fan of that harem of fans surrounding him on his rinky-dink make-shift stage. He hasn’t made it yet, as we figured out from his testimony of being on the ferris wheel and told to tell adam “hi.” Once again, Adam is the real star here.

Blind guy: enough already. You’re awful, we get it. This is not a scholarship program, and we have heard enough of your “story” that got you this far. I would hope the American public would start voting based on talent and not the blankest look in the eyes. I don’t mean to sound insensitive, but I think he made it to the top twelve unfairly based on his disability. Be honest, would you ever go out and buy that album if you weren’t baked? I didn’t think so.

Danny Gokey: blah. Same as last week and the week before and the week before. Dull. And I’m becoming extremely annoyed the way you scrunch up your nose and concentrate too hard on hitting your notes. The whole nice guy bit is getting old. Do you have any personality whatsoever other than being a kiss-ass?

Matt Giruad: I’ve always been a fan, but you’re fading fast for me. Very predictable tonight with your desperate attempt to regain the judges’ favor (which, by the way, is also becoming very predictable). The hat was a nice addition: it covers up that distracting spot on your forehead.

Girl with the pink hair (aka pig nose): I love Bonnie Raitt so I have nothing bad to say about you. You could have gargled the song and I would have still praised you, so obviously my opinion is worthless here.

Lil who? I’ve already forgotten everything about your performance except your dominatrix makeup. Oh yeah, and the tears after every judge’s comment doesn’t fit with your outfit. Grow up.

Anoop. I just had to ask Steve who the last performer was so obviously he didn’t make an impression on me. I do remember his bright green striped cardigan and the fact that he sang some ballad. If he didn’t have that name, he would have been voted out by now, guaranteed.

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