reality tv #4

I watched American Idol. I’ve decided two contestants who could make CDs I would actually buy: Matt Giruad and the girl with the red hair. Well, only the girl’s if she did her Bonnie Raitt style, and not her Tiffani thing. And then I would drag two or three songs of Kris Allen’s off of Steve’s iTunes onto my own. I really think Matt and red hair sang the best last night.

I’m so annoyed with Gokey. I’m annoyed because he never improves and he always gets praised. He is a church singer to me. He knows how to sing, but he’s not a star. He doesn’t have any special qualities whatsoever. Not to sound heartless, but would he really have a mass fan base if it wasn’t for his personal story? He gets all of the sympathy and the Christian votes, and I am quite sure that overrules the votes of those judging on talent.

Glad to see Lil gone, I was getting annoyed at her mouthing off to the judges each week. Not surprised Anoop is gone. He did look pretty good with that facial hair. I did predict the outcome correctly again, but so did JT on 98.5 so perhaps I’m not as talented and clairvoyant as I had previously hoped.

If Simon does not come back next season, I will quit watching Idol. I’m about to the point to fast forward comments from the other judges because it’s just so worthless
(Randy: “yo yo, dog, check it out. You did your thing!”
Kara: “I wasn’t crazy about the arrangement, but I like you,”
Paula: “I shop at the same place you shop!” and “Hey, I’m out of coke” [pun intended])

I haven’t watched “Biggest Loser” yet, I will have to save that for Saturday. Does anyone else watch “Make me a Supermodel” on Bravo? I would blog about it, but I’m pretty sure I’m one of ten people who watch it. I like Bravo a lot recently. When there is nothing to watch, Bravo always delivers something reality-enough for my tastes. Well I will cut this one short for the sake of Steve’s sanity. I’m a real bitch when I’m either hungry or tired and working overtime, Steve has definitely noticed it acting up again. I will return in better spirits and with more free time.

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