reality bites

I watch a lot of reality tv. Tonight, while catching up on Project Runway, I thought of how much more interesting my life would be if it were set up like a reality show. I mean, it’s called reality because it’s just like life, right? I was thinking of an office Big Brother where we voted each other off based on how much we couldn’t stand the smell of their lunches or their horrible small talk about those damn cats.

Our competitions could be real office skills: whipping up something edible out of the contents of the shared refrigerator; making it to the post office and back in time to sign for the UPS package; getting the copier to copy 2 sided to 2 sided; avoiding the boss the longest. One competition I know I could win is being blindfolded and sending 100 faxes accurately.

I think people would find work a lot more interesting if they could control who got fired around them. But alas, reality shows are for after work: when I’m vegging with my diet Dr. Pepper and Pop Secret Homestyle popcorn, wishing for something more exciting to come find me.

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