Early riser and the injured

Brandon is the earliest riser in this house. Every morning, he is up around 6 a.m. I try to cajole him into going back to bed - I read to him, lay in bed with him. Nothing works. He is up that early. So since brother is, so is Holden. He is forever trying to... Continue Reading →

Pure joy

It was great having my sister stay with us last week. She was so great to have around with the kids. In fact, when Brandon saw this picture, he went up to our guest room to look for her. "Where's Aunt Amber, mama?" he asked.  My neighbor asked about her, too. "How'd your pictures turn out... Continue Reading →

Beautiful sleep

At the hospital, they must have swapped out my baby with a French baby. Because Holden already does his nights. Two months old, and he sleeps until morning! Until this week, he woke up between 5 and 6 for his first feeding, but twice now, he has slept until 7a! Then, of course, because I... Continue Reading →

Two years; two months

I was not planning to turn this afternoon into a photo session.But when my boys are together, they are so adorable.I don't have to pose them or stage them at all. Brandon just likes to be around Holden now and is always cheesing it up when there is a camera around. This is really them.... Continue Reading →


  Brandon is learning to tolerate Holden. He says, "baby brother!" and gives him his pacifier and toys when he's crying. Brandon is still possessive at times and says, "no baby!" when he wants my attention and I'm holding Holden, but we're making progress.

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