Spider kids

As a kid, I was one of the lucky Christian homeschoolers that could observe Halloween without rotting in hell. Well, we'll see about the consequences later, I guess. Anyway, we didn't have a lot of money, so every year we made a costume out of things around the house (see picture from last year's Halloween... Continue Reading →

starting school

Can you believe that Gracie started Kindergarten today? Neither can I.What did it feel like to first start school? I still remember, of course, since it happened in tenth grade. But before that, I did have elementary school memories with my two classmates; Chad, Amber and I all had desks packed in tightly together against... Continue Reading →

home ec

I started going to school in tenth grade. I know, I'm a late bloomer. As you all know, prior to that, I spent my childhood being homeschooled. My first semester in school, I received a 4.0. I found it to be extremely easy. My second semester, I signed up for home ec. "An easy 'A,'"... Continue Reading →

eyes of the beholder

This is going to sound like a really cheesy after-school special. Well give me a break: I was home schooled and we didn't own a TV, so we didn't get to watch them. Plus, there is no such thing as "after school" when your desk is the dining room table. So maybe I have to... Continue Reading →

chicken legs

In elementary school, I fit the stereotype for homeschoolers. I was awkward looking with buck teeth and freckles, I wore hand-me-down and homemade (by my mom, not me, thankfully) clothes, and I could recite 132 Bible verses in four days at Neighborhood Bible Time. I'm sure I was mocked relentlessly behind my back. Luckily, there... Continue Reading →

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