Spider kids

As a kid, I was one of the lucky Christian homeschoolers that could observe Halloween without rotting in hell. Well, we’ll see about the consequences later, I guess. Anyway, we didn’t have a lot of money, so every year we made a costume out of things around the house (see picture from last year’s Halloween post). In that post, I alluded to our T-shirts with spiders glued on them. Here’s the picture:

Please note my older brother is wearing a headband with two spiders on it. And yes, those are spider rings on our fingers. It’s amazing what you can find at the dollar store.

I read a blog post today where the author dressed like a pack of her mom’s favorite cigarettes back when she was eight years old. I thought that was hysterical. Can you imagine that coming to your front door and asking for candy? I would say that all this sugar really wasn’t good for a kid, but what would it mean talking to nicotine? I wonder what will come to my door this year. Do you think parents would mind if I snapped pictures of their kids for my blog? I can already imagine authorities being called to my house…

Holidays make me nostalgic. They make me miss being a kid and make me regret growing into an overwhelmed and stressed-out adult. It’s really the little trinkets and decorations that remind me most of my childhood. Every time I’m at a garage sale, I see something that my mom owns and miss home. Look at those trick or treat buckets hanging on our stocking hooks: did you know McDonald’s still makes those? Some things improve, some things die out, but most things just change colors with each new generation.

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  1. The two of us have always been gangsta…but no, seriously: I can't speak for what my younger self was thinking. That could be anything: I was homeschooled.

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