When I'm pregnant, all bets are off and I will eat Chinese food. On Saturday, I picked up our dinner from a real classy joint between Old Country Buffet and ShopKo. Here is their front window: I just love the asterisk. No MSG - when MSG stands for Madison Square Garden's stock rather than Monosodium glutamate. No MSG... Continue Reading →

Beached whale

Six weeks of pregnancy left. That feels like a lifetime from now. I'm not necessarily dying to go through the pain of childbirth, but being not pregnant sounds excellent right now. I am nearing the 200 lbs mark. I never knew how uncomfortable being large was. And now, I know painfully well. It is terrible.... Continue Reading →

3 more months

Pregnancy is getting old. This is my third pregnancy, and with each subsequent one, I grow an additional twenty pounds from the last. I think this is my last pregnancy. And not just selfishly because my body will be over 200 pounds soon, but also because I've always wanted two boys and soon I will... Continue Reading →

our baby has an identity

Since the day we found out we were expecting, Steve and I began picking out boy names. But let me back that up even further: since I was a girl, I didn't imagine my perfect wedding, instead I imagined my perfect family which consisted of a loving husband and me and two boys. The only... Continue Reading →


I am one feisty pregnant woman. I'm always feisty. But being hormonal gives me an even bigger attitude. Just what I need. I am the only person you know who would get in a fight with the McDonald's manager at the drive-thru window. My friend and I wanted ice cream, and since my first love,... Continue Reading →

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