the next level

This is where I was this weekend. My sister has put the last year of her life into planning her wedding. And I must say, it showed. It was beautiful and frantic and emotional and fun, all wrapped into one. It was supposed to be a dry (no booze, but tears are allowed, if not... Continue Reading →


At 19, I decided to transfer to a new college. To leave Omaha and return to my homeland. To figure out what I wanted, grow into myself, and make mistakes I would later learn from. That meant leaving the only boyfriend I'd ever had.At the airport, we stopped in the tiny food court and Steve... Continue Reading →

photoshop is a necessity for me. It seems anytime someone takes a picture, they don't zoom in to what the subject, and I end up getting a picture of some strangers taking a whiz on the side of the building, while Steve and tiny blurbs in the corner of the shot.Not only that, but I'm... Continue Reading →

beyond the tree

There are many things I don't like about myself. Dozens actually. Maybe hundreds, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. One thing in particular I can't stand about myself is how nearsighted I am (confession: I just had to google that. I always confuse nearsighted w/farsighted, even though it should be pretty self-explanatory). I don't... Continue Reading →

wedding ring

There is something I like about seeing Steve's wedding ring: his old, scratched up, crummy wedding ring - the one we bought for $60 even though I offered to spend more and get him something more stylish. He didn't want anything stylish. This is Steve's style. He is low-maintenance and doesn't want to draw attention... Continue Reading →

Celebrites have nothing on Us!

Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley are getting divorced (married 7/15/06). I am never surprised by these celebrity hook ups or break ups, but this one was different for me. They got married right before Steve and I did (as you can tell, I'm an "Us [not U.S., boys!] Weekly" Junkie). That's too bad, because I... Continue Reading →

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