Celebrites have nothing on Us!

Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley are getting divorced (married 7/15/06). I am never surprised by these celebrity hook ups or break ups, but this one was different for me. They got married right before Steve and I did (as you can tell, I’m an “Us [not U.S., boys!] Weekly” Junkie). That’s too bad, because I was going to use that for years to come to remember when I got married (“the same time as Avril and Deryk!” I’d say, as if everyone knew who they were and when that was).

I remember wanting my wedding hair to look just like Avril’s.

Sorry, guy at “Bangs,” but I’ve seen better. You will not be on “Shear Genius” any time soon.

So alas, another Hollywood pair doesn’t work out. At least I can say Steve and I outlasted our Hollywood counterparts. Or, we could change or Hollywood counterparts continuously to other pairs who got married around the same time as us and see if we can outlast them, too. I like games. How about Pam Anderson and Kid Rock (married 7/30/06)?

Oh wait…

Game over. We win.

2 thoughts on “Celebrites have nothing on Us!

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  1. I hear you can “rent” wedding bands in Hollywood now….lol. I mean if you're renting it you KNOW it's not gonna last so what exactly is the point of the wedding then? So you can have sex and stop worry about confessions? Or is it just to hold the party and get gifts? Geeze if my fiance ever rented our wedding bands I'd never walk down that aisle! (Although it would have been nice if my ex husband gave me a heads up about who he really was by trying to pull that stunt, I could have ended it before I bothered to begin it! haha)
    Congrats on sticking it out past a hollywood relationsip….though maybe the next couple you should compete against should be Tim McGraw and Faith Hill 😉

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