Thank God they were converted to DVDs

Steve and I share an appreciation for older movies. Not the black and whites, but the movies from the sixties to early nineties that were all the rage during our childhoods. Tonight, we were watching Mr. Mom for the umpteenth time (it really is that good). We talked about how the movies from back then... Continue Reading →

pink, library, huck finn

Confession: I like Pink. Not the color, but the pop rock girl that acts dikey but has a husband (or an ex-husband, I'm not completely sure). I know everyone hates her, so it might surprise you that I closetedly (up until this point) enjoy her. I know, I know, I hate everything. Not Pink. When... Continue Reading →

blogger turned famous

I smiled today when I read about Ree's blog being turned into a movie. Not that I read Pioneer Woman anyway (I probably would if the title wasn't "Pioneer Woman"), but because a blog is being turned into a movie. It shows you that blogs aren't always just boring shit about meaningless lives. I mean,... Continue Reading →

Aziz Ansari, Google, Canada

I have absolutely terrible taste in humor. My parents would be ashamed. I once accidentally let it slip that I thought "Joe Dirt" was hilarious. My parents proceeded to rent it for family movie night being that their very esteemed daughter recommended it. Since, I have spent the past eight years being told what a... Continue Reading →

Celebrites have nothing on Us!

Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley are getting divorced (married 7/15/06). I am never surprised by these celebrity hook ups or break ups, but this one was different for me. They got married right before Steve and I did (as you can tell, I'm an "Us [not U.S., boys!] Weekly" Junkie). That's too bad, because I... Continue Reading →

signals, outlaws, celebrity arms

Yellow is the new green, and red is the new yellow -- as far as traffic signals go. I love the yellow light. I love speeding through them, hoping to make it through before it turns red. For us law-abiding citizens, it's the little things we have to count on to give us criminal-sized thrills.... Continue Reading →

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