Aziz Ansari, Google, Canada

I have absolutely terrible taste in humor. My parents would be ashamed. I once accidentally let it slip that I thought “Joe Dirt” was hilarious. My parents proceeded to rent it for family movie night being that their very esteemed daughter recommended it. Since, I have spent the past eight years being told what a horribly filthy movie that is. Although in my defense, I grew up watching reels on a projector about ice bergs, so pretty much any humans in a movie is a treat for me.

That’s why I highly discourage you from watching anything I recommend. But I was watching a particularly filthy stand-up comedian last week and he mentioned how he Googles himself. That made me think of printing his name in a post title of my blog to see if he finds my humble little web site. The thought of him perusing my blog looking for juicy compliments on his egotistical yet hilarious self was just too much to pass up. So consider this an experiment. If I get a comment from Aziz, I might consider my blogging career a huge success. And if not, well, feck it, I’ll keep writing it anyway. What else do I have to do?

I do have a site meter, which provides hours of entertainment. It’s cyber people watching. I can see how people found my website. The other day, someone found it by Googling “I hate the word ‘bitch.'” Well, obviously I don’t, since it’s my title, so back off my site, bitch!

Most of my readers are U.S. residents (or at least their IP addresses are), but I’ll occasionally get a reader from another country which makes my heart leap in hopes of one day being loved by the world. And yes, Canada is technically another country. I know this because I drove there once and couldn’t figure out how much money everything cost in U.S. dollars. I should have known since all my childhood paperbacks read “U.S.: $3.95, Canada: $4.95.” It’s not exactly rocket science, but math has never been my strong suit.

Aziz Googles himself, and I hope to one day be Google-able. And Google has turned a brand into a verb. We’re all shooting for something out here on the internet, no matter how minuscule or pointless. It’s good to have goals. Reminds us we’re alive. Now leave me a comment under the pseudonym Aziz Ansari and make me the happiest girl in cyberspace.

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  1. Y'know, I think it's funny that I thought it was neat when one of my articles in Washington made it onto someone's blog … found it after Googling myself 🙂


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