Run, Pudgy, run!

These six mile runs exhaust me

So for lent, Steve limited his booze intake and amped up his work outs. The booze part didn’t last, but he’s been going strong on his workouts and has subsequently dropped a few LBs. Steve is pretty lean to begin w/, so the fact that he’s losing weight made me think maybe I should start putting in the actual effort it takes to drop pounds.

I asked him to make me a training schedule. On top of weights, crunches, push ups, and lunges, it involves running 25 miles a week. And three days of the week, those miles come in the form of a six mile run. Now it’s still cold here, so I’m confined to my treadmill. I used to run six miles every day, but that was outside on a 1.5 mile running track in Fairview Heights, IL. It was so much easier then.

Now, I huff and I puff. And my face turns the shade of the KoolAid man. But I’m finishing. I finished my first week on his training schedule. One week down, eternity to go. But I’m feeling better. My pants are loose today (sure – I’ve already worn them twice this week and haven’t washed or dried them in awhile, but you don’t really need the details). I’m drinking double the water. I have a goal again. Feels good. Now if only they hadn’t booted the mullet kid off Idol, I’d really have a week to feel good about.

4 thoughts on “Run, Pudgy, run!

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  1. if i ran 6 miles i would die. i might be able to ride a bike 6 miles… maybe. after this baby comes, it is my dream to become a runner. we'll see how that comes along. i have my doubts.


  2. We are having this weight loss challenge thing at work so I figured I'd join. I stopped drinking beer for a couple weeks, and still try to limit it (Jim Beam is still ok). I try to go running, but I'm no Bob Schofield. I have been doing better though…


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